Merav Goshen Alboher holds an MSc. in organizational behavior and BA in Social Work. Merav coordinated the Executive MBA programs at The Faculty of Management, for the Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration at Tel-Aviv University. Later she founded and managed the Hi-tech Management’s School graduate placement program for the Faculty.

Following her success at Tel-Aviv University, Merav managed the executive placements division in a hi-tech placement company. She then partnered, founded and jointly managed an executive search and placement company, prior to founding her own company – Hasamot. Her education in social work and organizational behavior has enabled her to develop a deep understanding of an individual’s requirements vs. the general public.

Her in-depth experience in academic programs and executive graduate placement, in addition to Hi-tech and Industry executive search and placement have enabled Merav to develop a personal, creative, “out of the box” placement process. With years of expertise combining individuals with organizations, and decision-making processes at career path crossroads, Merav believes in her ability to view all aspects in a unique way: to link between the individual, the career position and the company, to create a whole that is greater than its parts, generating and encouraging win-win situations.