The job finding process requires time and energy.

The relationship begins here and now, but we see it as a long-term relationship. Upon receiving a candidate’s CV, we will read it. If we have a relevant job position that fits your skills, we will invite you for an introductory meeting and an in-depth interview. During the interview we will get to know you, your expectations, and your aspirations and ambitions for the future. Following the interview we will analyze your suitability to available position/s or try and locate alternative suitable positions that are of interest to you. Sometimes, following an introductory meeting, options may arise that you had not viously considered.

After receiving your consent, your CV will be sent to the designated company/companies. We will then remain in contact with you and the company in order to receive information and feedback regarding your suitability to the position.

We are obligated to maintain utmost discretion and confidentiality, and will not use your CV without your consent.